The history and name of House of Madeleine LLC all began with the matriarch of my family, Madeleine Anice Imbert. Madeleine was my grandmother, my godmother, and the inspiration behind my career in fashion design. 

Mother of 6, my grandmother was a self-taught seamstress creating and designing clothing for her children on the Caribbean island of Haiti. Years later she migrated to Montreal Canada to provide a better life for herself and her children. Canada is not only my place of birth but also has great importance in my life because of all the memories I have growing up visiting every summer. The smell of bbq in the air was so distinct that whenever I smell it today brings me right back to those times. As Helodie Cosmetics continues to grow you will notice small details throughout different collections commemorating my Canadian heritage.  

My mother Marie Carmel is another big influence in my life. The struggles my mother overcame along her journey have empowered my development into a strong self-sufficient person. I named my Carmel liquid lipstick shade after her to thank her for helping me get to where I am now. 


I hope that when you purchase Helodie Cosmetics products not only will it provide you with quality beauty products but, also after reading this short story helps you to cherish and love on your family that much more.




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